GOAL:: To feel confident and amazing in our clothes, be it a Little Black Dress or Shorts & Tees that are around the corner this spring.

Join the ONLINE COACHING GROUP for the 30 Day LBD Challenge!!!  This is a popular workout from Daily Fitness Challenges  and I’m showing my group how to incorporate the TYE4 system for each exercise to add resistance and decrease impact on the joints.  You are welcome to join the challenge if you don’t have a TYE4 and just use your body weight.


Join the coaching group for the LBD CHALLENGE …

• Workout can be done anywhere
• 3 exercises are assigned each day [workout content from Daily Fitness Challenge]
• Daily instructions and demo videos will be posted everyday in coaching group

Check out the SNEAK PEEK of the DAY 10 demo.


• Receive more results than you expect when using TYE4 [TYE4 – $80 BUY NOW]
• This workout is progressive and at the end you will be stronger, have more muscle tone and have more endurance!
• Exercises are moderate to advanced but can be modified
• Unlimited access to the coaches to answer questions and customize the exercises
• NOT JUST FOR THE LADIES!  Yes I know the name of this challenge is a bit girly, but guys are welcome to join in and we promise we won’t ruin your rep by telling everyone you’re working out to fit in a dress!  All the exercises are full body functional movements 😉
• If you’re already a member of the coaching group, you don’t need to sign up… Just let me know you’ll be participating in the challenge so I can keep you accountable 😘
• The price of 2 Starbucks drinks gets you a 1 month membership for this challenge!

$10  click here to sign up!