I love buzz words and phrases...  Zoiks, Whammy, Blam-o, Comprehensive immigration reform, the list goes on and on.  Words and phrases that have no real meaning in and of themselves but when used in context make you nod your head.

My latest fav is "Functional Fitness".  Using that word in any sentence instantly tells people you have a degree in Kinesiology, or at least a blog, and you know stuffs.  

At the heart of functional fitness is understanding the "why" behind your desire to get in shape, find health, make a booty that won't quit, etc.  For me, being functionally fit in life is my "why".  I don't care about the aesthetics of a 6-pack, unless it's a Virgil's rootbeer 6-pack, I also don't care about being able to squat 6,000,000 KG.  I do, however, care about being able to defend myself when my ninja of a son tries to ambush me from the top of the stairs, or when my daughter decides to climb on my shoulders like she did when she was 12 years younger.  For a brief visual example of what my wife and I go through each day with our son, please watch the video below.

Now, hopefully you have giggled and come back for the rest of the article.  

so why do you want to be fit?!?!?  How will this new level of fitness help you functionally?!?!  We would love to know what things inspire you and make you want to fight for your health.  Please feel free to add to the comments below, PM Ashely or me, post to social media using the hashtag #840wLife, but please let us know!!!

When you begin you think big picture about your health and fitness, you are thinking functionally!