Thursday is the kickoff to our 2 week ONLINE TYE4 BOOTCAMP and we are EXCITED!!!! 

Week 1 we will be focusing on the FUNDAMENTALS:  flexibility, mobility, core and balance... all while getting comfortable and learning to use the TYE4 System.  We will look at this week more like rehabilitation than exercise (although you will be surprised at the workout you will get!)  In week 2, we will apply it to actual workouts and explore a few different ways to use it to enhance each exercise. 

We've got a world class training system in the TYE4, a fantastic community of people participating, a killer accountability system (I'll be getting "I'M DONE!" texts ALL DAY LONG!!!... and 2 PUMPED UP COACHES!!!  

OFFICIAL HASHTAG:::  #840wLife  ... tag your TYE4 posts, pictures or videos you share with this hashtag, then click it to see what others have shared! 

See you Thursday!!! 

This group is now closed, but if you are interested in joining the next ONLINE TYE4 BOOTCAMP, email