Murfreesboro, TN


EMAIL or CALL (615) 594-1514 for more information about pricing and availability.  Private classes or sessions also available.

SportsCom (Membership Not Required)

2310 Memorial Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN

Tuesday      11 AM 

Thursday    11 AM


St. Thomas Rutherford Wellness Center (Membership Not Required)

1840 Medical Center Pkwy, Seton Building #203, Murfreesboro, TN

Tuesday          1:15 PM

Wednesday     11:00 AM

Thursday         9:45 AM 


“I'm so glad I found this class!  It has really helped me get back into moving!”  Former Dancer, Age 65

“Ooh!  I feel like I've just had a massage!”  Just Diagnosed With Osteoporosis, Age 84

“I can't believe how many things the Tye4 helps me do!  I can go up on my toes and stand on one foot for the first time in a long time!” Recovering Knee Replacement Patient, Age 65

“I really miss when I can't get to class!”  Previous Marathoner, Age 70

Tye4 OsteoUp Tutorial - Neck and Back Stretch

Puling straight down on the leg bungees to feel a separation between shoulders and ears. Then use leg bungees for a side bend/stretch.

Tye4 OsteoUp Tutorial - Envelope Balance Series

Slide both hand loops onto one hand. "Triangle" opposite leg bungee and shift all weight onto that leg. Use bungees to support and balance as you imagine having to slide a penny with your free toe from the front, side, and tap back.

Tye4 OsteoUp Tutorial - Wide Squats with Heel Lift

Triangle" leg bungees, legs wide, toes rotated out to outer corners of the room. Shift all weight onto heels. Slow squat down, then slowly push up through heels. Hold squat, gently lift alternating heels. Hold squat, carefully lift both heels.

Tye4 OsteoUp Tutorial - Leg Swings

Place both hand loops on one hand, and "triangle" opposite leg bungee with other hand. Balance all weight to leg with arm bungees. Slowly swing lifted (free) leg while balancing with leg bungee "triangle"